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In 2020, UNESCO is launching an international reflection to encourage people to imagine what school and education could be like in 2050. Thus, One Book One Life is a project carried out by a group of students from the University of Cergy Pontoise, which is part of this project led by UNESCO. One Book One Life was created from a simple observation: for their reflection on the school, UNESCO disproportionately consulted adults. However, the first people concerned, the first people who go to school every day today and who are the most likely to imagine the ideal school of tomorrow, are children.

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One Book One Life aims to give a voice to children around the world in a debate that concerns them. With this in mind, we help you to get your child to think about education-related issues through books written and illustrated by students from our University. Invite your child to participate or discover the testimonies and opinions of other children around the world!

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Does your child have difficulty imagining the school of the future? Is your child very curious and likes to discover original and meaningful stories?

To help you discuss these issues with your child, we offer you a selection of books written by students from the University of Cergy Pontoise. These books deal with important subjects to teach young people: themes such as ecology, technology, education, work, progress and values such as benevolence, courage, good governance, sharing and more! All this through unique and original characters that everyone can identify with.

Discover with your child the books we made right here!

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